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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Batman Invitations!

What boy doesn't love SUPER Heroes at some time in his life? Seems like my boys are going to love them for years to come! Check out the new Batman Birthday Invite!




Where do the days go! It's very exciting that my business has picked up this year but it leaves me less time to blog unfortunately...I have so many new designs in my head and no time to get them on paper! Such is the pace of life I guess! At least I finished a few Easter ones to show you before Easter! I absolutely LOVE Easter and am getting excited to try and be more intentional this year in how we celebrate what Christ did for us with our kiddos! Hope you enjoy these new designs! These cute photos were taken by Mandy with Memories by Mandy! They are from an Easter photo session she put together! Thanks for sharing Mandy!





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