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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Missionary Card Option

Here is a new prayer card I did for some Missionaries! This would be great to send out to your supporters for them to keep on their fridge!



Missions Poster

Here is an example of a poster design I did for a church. Many churches have missionaries all over the world and are looking for ways to display information about particular missionaries within their church. This idea could be used many different ways to display lots of different ideas. This poster is using India as an example but it could be modified for whatever country your church supports. It could also be modified to be a brochure, highlighting several missionaries all over the world. Think of all the possibilities!



Walk for Diabetes T-shirt Design

I was contacted earlier this summer to design a T-shirt for this little girl Audrey with Type 1 Diabetes. On September 18, 2010 they are walking in the annual JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes and wanted to have T-shirts to wear that day! Here is the design we cam up with! I love using the font Pea Deva McQueen from Kevin & Amanda's font for Peas! I love their fonts! This one had perfect doodles that were just right for this design. Check it out!

If you would like to learn more about Audrey's story, you can follow their blog. I helped design that too!

If you would like to donate to their cause - click here.


Wedding Invitation Set

This couple really like invite064 but they wanted to try a different font and different colors. This is what we came up with...
Here is the main invitation (two sided 5x7)

wedinvite013 sideA

wedinvite013 sideB
The RSVP card (two sided 4x6)

wedinvite014 sideA

wedinvite014 sideB
The Thank You Card (two sided 4x6)
wedinvite015 sideB

wedinvite015 sideA
They were also planning a cookout after the wedding. Here is the two sided (4x6) invite for that!

wedinvite012 sideA
wedinvite012 sideB


Block Party Invitations

Here is a new block party invitation! Our neighborhood just had their third annual block party and it was fun to develop a new invitation for that!



Ground Breaking Invitations

I had the priviledge of doing some new invitations for a local Indian Tribe. They have a new housing developement going up and needed some invitations for the ground breaking ceremony. Here are a few of the ideas generated from that project.





Another Baby Shower Invite

Here is a new baby shower invitation with a Jungle Theme!



Shower Invitations!

Here are some new shower invitations! This first one was a revision of invite064. They really liked the style of that invite but wanted different colors and a two side version. I really like how this turned out!



Here is another baby shower invitation. This one could easily have the colors changed for a girl!


This wedding shower invitation is just in time for fall! I love these warm colors!



Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ice Fishing Engagement!

I love this couple's story! They were engaged while Ice Fishing! He had the ring in the tackle box! It's so fun when I get to design an invitation around someones story! Hope you like it!

invite122 afront

invite122 zback


Brand New Adoption Announcements!

So I am finally getting around to adding new designs to my blog! I've been so blessed to have a lot of new orders come in this summer! It's been great to get creative!

I've been wanting to add some adoption announcements to my site for some time and finally have my first two designs to showcase! I should be able to get more adoption cards on my site soon! Wishful thinking, of course!

Check out these new Pink, Fun & Funky announcements!




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