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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More new designs!

Okay...I got this picture and fell in love with it! The colors are so fun!  This first design is xmas160 shown in different colors. Not everyone is a fan of purple, so I thought I'd show it in another color scheme.
 This one is a new design!  I couldn't resist when I saw this picture to try something new!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Kindness

On a more personal note, this year Perilight Graphics is trying something new!  Since most of my days are spent being a mom, I thought I'd use some of my graphic ability to teach my kids a few things! This year at Christmas we have decided as a family to come up with 12 things we can do to show kindness to other people during the month of December and leave this card when we do. 

Our hope in doing this is to take the focus off of ourselves - off of what we're going to get and what we want - and to put it on other people and addressing their needs. These things don't have to be monumental or expensive. Sometimes it's the small, quiet acts of kindness that mean the most. 

Here's our list for this year:
Shovel someones walk anonymously.
Bake treats for neighbor & Ding Dong Ditch them.
Collect all the change in the house and put it in a Salvation Army red bucket.
Buy something fun for the school secretary.
Deliver dinner anonymously to someone.
Give hot drinks to Construction workers.
Deliver stuffed animals/toys to a Domestic Abuse Shelter.

Bake cookies and deliver to local Fire & Police Stations.
Make ornaments for Grandparents.
Send a card to someone just letting them know you're thinking of them.
Donate books to a library/school.
Buy some Helium balloons and hand them out to random kids.

We invite you to join us! Start a new tradition in your family. Spread some love. Resonate Kindness and Glorify the one who has given us everything!  Anyone is welcome to download this card for free and print it at a local photo shop.  It's 4x6 in size and should print like any other photo!

I love this song by Brandon Heath.  It really gets you thinking about opening our eyes to the needs of others. So many people we pass every day need our help.  How often do we actually stop our busy lives and help.  Our prayer is that others will pass on these acts of Kindness and bless others this Christmas Season!

Merry Christmas!


Ugly Sweater Christmas Card

I was so excited when someone contacted me to do an Ugly Sweater party invite!  How fun!!!  Here are the designs that I came up with. The first one is just one sided and in some cooler blues & greens.  The second one is a two side invite in reds & greens. We threw and ugly sweater on this one just for fun!
xmas169 fancy

xmas169afront fancy

xmas169azback fancy


Christmas Designs - With a change...

Good afternoon!  I thought I'd show how some of the existing designs have been modified (free changes!) for some of the orders this year!  Keep in mind you are always welcome to switch up what you see on any design to make it what you want!  This design was modeled after Xmas158a.  They wanted a vertical card, different words & different colors!  What do you think?
 With this design, the client wanted to change up the colors a little and add a backside.  They really wanted to be able to highlight there year! Keep in mind a backside can be added to any card, free of charge!
xmas163 bfront

xmas163 bzback


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2011 Christmas Card Sale

Once again Perilight Graphics is running a Shop Early and Save Sale! I can't pass up a bargain! Here is the scoop on this years sale!

Anyone who places their order and has their pictures to me before December 1, 2011 will get 25% off any listed price on my website. Keep in mind you will have to order a minimum of 35 cards to get the discount and qualify for free shipping. 

This year I am also running a special for Facebook Friends!  10% off will be given to all Facebook Friends for the month of December!  So make sure you "Like" Perilight Graphics on Facebook and enjoy 10% off all month long!

Be sure to tell all your friends about this great early bird special! We all love to use coupons, so don't forget to get your family photos done early so you can get your cards ordered with the discounts!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


Check out this new design for 2011!  These colors are too fun!!! Isn't this family great!  


2011 Christmas Cards - Green & Purple

Purple is my new favorite color this year. Something about it with the green is just so fun!  


2011 Christmas Card Designs - Teal & Red

Here is a new two sided card design for 2011.  Red & Teal seem to be very popular so it was fun to do more in those colors!  These kids are so adorable!  Those blue eyes are incredible!



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 Christmas Card Designs - Green

Here is another new design with some classic Christmas greens and a little purple!


2011 Christmas Cards - Year in Review

This new card for 2011 has so many options!  The text areas can be personalized to fit your year!  I'd love to work with you on this design to make it just perfect to give a quick review of your year!  You can highlight a favorite vacations, show places you've traveled and even add a fun quote!  The possibilities are up to you!



2011 Christmas Designs - Joy, LOVE, Peace

New this year on all the designs is the option for different edges!  I'm so excited to be able to offer 3 different boutique cards!  The one shown below has the Geometric edging to it. I showed it both ways so you could see how easily any design could be printed as a boutique card!  To view all the different edges available, refer to the pricelist page on my website and scroll to the bottom!




2011 Christmas Cards - Bright Colors

Another new Boutique card is the Scalloped Edge. I really love this one!  It is shown below on this new Christmas Card Design for 2011. I love trying new funky colors!  



2011 Christmas Card Design - Boutique Cards

I love the colors in the new card...and the kids are just adorable! :)  I thought it would be nice to see this card with all the Boutique options available.  As with any design you can have it printed as an Announcement and leave the corners square or you can upgrade to a Boutique card and add fun edges seen below!

Here is the card shown as an announcement.
 Here is the Boutique Card with a Fancy Edge.
 Here is the Boutique Card with a Geometric Edge.
 Here is the Boutique Card with the scalloped edge.


2011 Christmas Designs! A year in review...

 Here is one of the new Christmas Card Designs for 2011!  I thought it might be fun to play off the 12 Days of Christmas song...but switch out the words to give highlights of your year!  A backside can be added to this design very easily!  


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